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#1 07-01-2013 14:27:25

Registered: 06-22-2005
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Online Store gone!!!!!!

I have a website and CCP7.13 online store that I had not been using for several months. I kept it active, I just did not drive any current traffic to it. I was using the the Joomla Connector for my skin

I went back to update some product information only to discover a blank screen with I go to the site. The Admin backend works fine.

My main site is a Joomla template and I had connected CCP7 with Joomla so the store would look like my Joomla site..


Store: … orewelcome
Store/Category … f=PRODUCTS

What happened? I have never had a problem with CCP before.


Roger Ringo



#2 07-03-2013 10:56:41

From: Evansville, IN
Registered: 02-26-2010
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Re: Online Store gone!!!!!!

I would try changing the skin to the default to see if that changes anything.  If it does you know you have a problem in the Joomla template.



#3 07-04-2013 13:54:05

From: Avondale, Arizona
Registered: 04-06-2005
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Re: Online Store gone!!!!!!

If you are running that latest (last) version of ccp7 and the php version was changed on your server you may need to make changes to you old (before php5.3) skin.php script to make it work under php5.3.x if you where running a custom skin as it would not have been updated with the latest ccp7 version.




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