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#1 01-21-2010 15:13:48

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Handling Charge.

Folks, the more I play with this software, the more I love it! One 'small' issue is bugging me.

I want to introduce a Handling Charge of US$ 7.50 per order.

I went to Location: System Dashboard > Store > Component > Settings > Shipping Settings and defined the value for handling charge as 7.50

Saved everything.

However, when i do a dry run, no handling charge shows up in the total or otherwise?

Any clue as to why this might be happening? Any pointers.

Thank you in advance.





#2 02-10-2010 11:41:58

From: York, PA
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Re: Handling Charge.

It's added into the shipping cost - not specified separately.  Look at the shipping - it's bumped up by the handling charge amount.

Nick Hendler



#3 10-18-2012 18:56:45

From: Sandy, Oregon
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Re: Handling Charge.

Is there a way to just have specific products that get an extra charge or handling fee applied at checkout? The handling fee is global and I only need it on one or two items that cost more to ship then the others. My shipping script is a custom script that gives a total based on amount of money spent and goes up in increments globally. That script of course does not allow for adding on the extra $2 or $3 that I would like to add to a couple of items. I only know of the way to create an option that has to be a required selection that tells customer by selecting option they are agreeing to the added shipping and handling for those items but hoping for a better way to deal with it. Could also change the items to be based on product shipping not global custom script but didn't want to go that way unless have to as well.



#4 10-19-2012 09:01:54

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Re: Handling Charge.


You might want to contact me directly at my email and we can discuss options for that.  Might need a slight custom modification.



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