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#1 09-19-2012 05:38:00

Registered: 04-03-2012
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Media Files

Is there a limit of how many images can be uploaded to prodsm, prodlg and prodxl?

Also i am finding when using the ftp editor that some pictures won't upload despite the ftp editor saying they have but I can't see the picture(s) in the relevant file is there a reason for this?



#2 10-06-2012 01:45:39

From: Avondale, Arizona
Registered: 04-06-2005
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Re: Media Files

Check the permissions on the directories to make sure that they haven't been changed.
The only limits to these directories (or any ccp file) is your total storage you may have with your service provider or disk space.
Keep in mind that there is a file size and max execution time imposed by the php settings in effect on the server your running on and this could be causing your problem as well, these are set by your service provider and not ccp.




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