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#1 03-10-2011 06:17:33

From: UK
Registered: 03-14-2005
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GUI mismatch

I am getting this message come up in the logs (cpanel)

SoftException in Application.cpp:431: Mismatch between target GID (764) and GID (99) of file "/home/wholesal/public_html/khxc/relay/gbu0.php"

This is the file the payment gateway returns it response to.

How do I reset the permission as the hosting provider says that is the trouble with server side software installs rather than ftp.

You help would be appreciated.




#2 03-11-2011 05:56:54

From: England!
Registered: 11-21-2008
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Re: GUI mismatch

I think, in plain English, what it is trying to tell you is that the file permissions are not set right. - Not sure exactly what you have access to with this (long time since I last used a cPanel setup) and what you can change, or understand how to change, but I am fairly certain that if you change the file permissions (possibly the file ownership to that of your HTTP server or daemon, too) then that should fix the problem.



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