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#1 01-18-2011 16:26:53
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product options


sorry if this is a simple question...

I am setting up some dropship products on my website.

one of them is a tin for twins and has some chocolates and 2 teddies in.  On the dropshippers own website they have the tin and then on the next page it shows 3 teddies and you have to select which 2 you would like to add to the tin.
then on the next page it shows 6 message cards and you select one of them.

how can I put this into my product? I know you can have product options but I cant find where the product options can be pictures only with maybe an add button?

please help! smile


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#2 01-18-2011 16:42:18

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Re: product options

As delivered CCP does not provide a way to include images for options.



#3 01-20-2011 16:08:04

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Re: product options

I am not sure if I have misinterpreted the question but a picture (or multiple pictures)  could be added to the Product Option Description  and then a Product Selection Item could be used to specify the particular picture. For example, each picture could be assigned a stock number and each stock number could be a Product Selection Item.

On my website I use the Product Option Description to add detailed information about the selection. Example: … _Bath.html



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