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#1 07-23-2001 18:51:34


Linking from outside cart.. directly to product

I mentioned my frustration in another post.. but now it is overwhelming and I need help.

I'm at a major disadvantage to my competition because I can not link directly from my site (any pages, articles, specials I show on my home page) into the cart where that product lives.

I assume I can't link to the product because of the unique user id that is created when someone shops and I don't want to link to a static page where the id will not be re-created.

Any thoughts??  This appears to be a rather reasonable request.



#2 07-30-2001 11:07:12

From: York, PA
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Re: Linking from outside cart.. directly to product

Just link into the cart from your static HTML and if a cookie exists for the user id, the cart program will pick it up and use it.  That said, to link to product #1, write your HREF like this:

<A HREF="">Click here for product #1</A>.

Nick Hendler



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