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#1 07-14-2001 03:22:28


authorizenet set, store disagrees

In the Online Processing Settings, under Program Settings, I have my cart set to use Authorizenet. However, going through a test run of the cart, near the end it acts as if I have 'offline ordering' set or something like that, because it says to the user: "...After verifying the information above and clicking the Submit button, you will receive your order confirmation and will be contacted by a representative to discuss your payment options" ... this is obviously incorrect.

Am I missing something here? I should have all my permissions set correctly. This is frustrating. Thanks for your help.


#2 07-30-2001 11:06:58


Re: authorizenet set, store disagrees

Try re-uploading the /data/online_process folder.  Something was probably corrupted on the original upload.


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