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#1 07-12-2001 11:12:23

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Need help with installation -- feeling really stupid

HI! I am confused about the full server path to the cgi-bin directory.  I do not host on my own server and I am not sure exactly what I need. It would seem that this is the easy part
and I am stuck already.

Can someone help me? Either through private email or here on
the forum?

Thanks so much! I need an angel.




#2 07-12-2001 13:05:55


Re: Need help with installation -- feeling really stupid

Log into your site via FTP and find your cgi-bin directory. Where is it? On my server, it turns out to be in


It's prolly going to be different for most people. It has all that extra stuff before public_html because it's the FULL server path, not just the public path. The reason that the script needs a full server path is that on some servers, the cgi-bin directory is not in the public_html directory, but one level up to increase security.

Hope this answers your question..


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