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#1 07-09-2001 14:07:44


Payment Processing?

To edit payment options, the Online Manual states,

"Configuring the online order processing functions is quite simple. All of the controls are on the Edit Online Processing Settings page under Program Settings."

I only have 3 choices under Program Settings

1.  Edit General Store...

2.  Edit Shipping...

3.  Edit HTML...

I did not perform an f.t.p. installation, and I have root access to my server.



#2 07-10-2001 12:09:01


Re: Payment Processing?

Do you not have any FTP access??

I performed root installation, but I still logged in after in FTP and changed all the files I wanted to.

If you dont have FTP access then you it could be a pain in the ass staying logged in and using PICO to edit all of the files.



#3 07-10-2001 12:37:48


Re: Payment Processing?

When I started, I also had the same problem. It's rather easy though. I was logging in as admin rather than webmaster. depending on what login you use only certain functions will be available.


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