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#1 10-01-2010 05:48:45

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Script Execution Error

I am getting this error when I load the website.  It first came up when I logged into the admin section, clicked update, and it came up with this.  I then refreshed and went to the home page (After clearing cache) and it comes up with the error below on all pages.

Any idea how to fix it?


Script Execution Error

Object of class COREerror could not be converted to string
File: /core/CORE_Session/CORE_Session.php Line: 524 Error Number: 4096


Edit: Seems to have self-fixed.  Anyone know what could of caused it so I can avoid it in the future?

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#2 10-01-2010 06:28:53

From: York, PA
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Re: Script Execution Error

This appears to have been an intermittent MySQL error retrieving column information from the core_users table.  If it resolved itself, then don't worry about it.  Was db server related.

Nick Hendler



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