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#1 07-02-2001 10:05:22


Offline Orders

I think your cart is great, I'm going to use it for all of my customers, but the payment setup is driving me nuts! I have attempted to set up offline payment option and can't get it to work. When I choose contact customer, I still can't get it to work I get this error:

Unfortunately, our online processing partner was unable to accept your transaction. It is possible you do not have enough money available to process your order, or our processor could be experiencing technical difficulties at the present time.

You can attempt to process your order again, or contact us to discuss other payment options.

The whole point is I'm not accepting online payments, why am I getting this error?

P.S. Your installation manual leaves a little to be desired. Please help.


#2 07-04-2001 08:28:26

From: York, PA
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Re: Offline Orders

Ensure that the permissions are set to 777 on the directory:


and all the files and the data dir behind it, then try again to set the online processing method to contact customer.  That message should never appear when using that method - this sounds like a file or two is not being updated when you update the settings.

Nick Hendler



#3 07-04-2001 08:35:31


Re: Offline Orders

It must have been a bad upload. I may have transferred the file in Binary instead of ASCII. I re-uploaded it and it works fine now.

Now if I could just get the e-mail to work okay........


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