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#1 06-30-2001 00:24:10


Cart to communication failure

I had the program installed. It is working right up until I go to send the data to -- then i get this message


Unfortunately, our online processing partner was unable to accept your transaction. It is possible you do not have enough money available to process your order, or our processor could be experiencing technical difficulties at the present time.


I am using a secure connection, all images, files, etc seem to be accepting data correctly. However, when I goto send the final transaction info to - i get the above message...regardless if I put in a cc # or's like is not getting any of my info....

it is connected to them, I can see that happen, but then after the connection and log in it spits me back the above message --

I was curios and I tried a simple form transaction on another system and got the data and it worked ok, so it leads me to think that something is set wrong on the cart side?

not sure -- need all the help I can get...

I'm also confused about what is supposed to go in the cart config side under online setup of : referring url must include: field...?

Thanks to anyone with any help / suggestions / ideas??


#2 07-01-2001 15:12:41


Re: Cart to communication failure

"Referring URL Must Contain String" should be filled with "" (minus the quotes.)  If that field is blank then try it with this and it should go through okay.


#3 07-01-2001 20:34:39


Re: Cart to communication failure

It works now! Thanks.


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