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#1 06-29-2001 14:00:15


one other question

Hi, one more question, it would be great if someone could help. Is it true that ClickCart pro only allows A main category section, and a main subcategory section? My question is.. Cant you have categories under your sub categories, for example, if i was selling new and used computers, and then I had two subcategories named 'Black computers' and 'white computers' couldnt i have sub categories under black computers such as 'dell, compaq, etc.' THEN list the items under there brand? I hope you understand what I mean.

Thanks, I appreciate it.


#2 07-02-2001 06:31:00

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Re: one other question

I understand and here's how it works:  CCP allows unlimited main categories and unlimited sub-categories assigned to main categories.  It doesn't allow thrid level categories.

Nick Hendler



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