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#1 06-28-2001 23:04:28


Adding Discount

I can NOT for the life of me create a discount code (non-expiring) for a percentage of total order.

All I want is to add a 10% discount on all orders that use the code "xtri"

I keep getting the error "you have not filled out all the required fields..."  I don't get it, I have tried every possibility.

Please help.

I can set up a code that is a currency amount with no problem. It's the precentage that is screwing me up.


#2 06-29-2001 14:16:34


Re: Adding Discount

I am also having this problem, if anyone knows why this is happeneing please reply to our posts.

Thank you


#3 07-02-2001 06:22:38

From: York, PA
Registered: 04-20-2001
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Re: Adding Discount

Download a new version of CCP4 and replace the following file on your server with the one in the new package:


There was a minor item in the code that was removed after only a few people downloaded the program.  Sorry for any trouble.

Nick Hendler



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