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#1 06-25-2001 10:19:31


Tax locality

Can CCP4 discern tax localities, based on the customers state.

We only need to collect tax's for orders shipped within our home state. Every other state would fall under the purview of a "use tax" collection category and not be subject to said.

If I understand the feature correctly, I would have to delete every state throught the admin "Edit/Delete Tax Location" feature.

Is this assumption correct? If not, how can CCP4 be setup to only accomodate a single state taxation scheme.

By the way. I have been thoroughly impressed thus far with CCP4.

Thanks in advance.


#2 06-25-2001 13:16:50

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Re: Tax locality

Not at all.  In the Admin section you select ONLY the states that you want to charge tax in.  That would be under program settings/ general store & site settings. You can choose NO locations, or as many as you need to. 




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