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#1 06-15-2001 21:55:49


CRON Feature?

Where and how is the cron used for CCP4?

If so, where does the manual address set up for it? It would be a nice feature to use for automated backup and server cleanup.

Thanks in advance.


#2 06-16-2001 11:50:24

From: York, PA
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Re: CRON Feature?

The cron feature is already set up and executed using the routines in:


Cron was built to clean up old carts and user form files then was expanded to clean up completed and pending orders.  Just add whatever Perl code you like after the line:

if ($calc_cron_date_difference > "$cron_date_difference") {

and it will be executed.  Cron is executed every 30 days when the system recognized a site access and the epoch time for the last cron job exceeds 30 days ago.

Nick Hendler



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