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#1 06-14-2001 20:52:05


admin backend verbiage

What file (files) contain the narrative that prints out above each of the admin features? ie. see below.

..."If you do not know the tracking number for the order you wish to view, choose to view a listing of all orders to find the number you're looking for by clicking the link below the search form."

I checked /cgi-bin/librabry/modules/admin_tracking, but it only contains the HTML for the form elements.

Reason? Once I am familiar with the functions, I am going to blank the file (files) to speed admin interface load time.

Perhaps a laundry list of where and what the files of the program contain/do should be included in the software manual. I seem to spend quite a lot of time hunting for some element that takes 2 seconds to tailor once I find it.

Thanks in advance.


#2 06-16-2001 11:53:16

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Re: admin backend verbiage

Check out the file:


I suggest leaving in all the lines and only deleting the text.  This most likely won't spead the load time.  The load time in the administrator is mostly affected by the loading of the DHTML menu code, which is executed from:




Nick Hendler



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