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#1 05-27-2001 18:08:37


need help really bad....

Hi, I've problem of fixing the product options & price for example I have a bottle of "Medicine A" with a price like this below...

bottle 1: 60 pills and the price is $59.99
bottle 2: 30 pills and the price is $39.99

the problem is when I add a product in the administration, it asked for the product price $______. If i leave the price field $0.00 then the "quantity" and "add to cart button" section doesn't display on display item page. So I have to enter a price for it. Let's said I put $59.99 and I create a "option products check box" for the other bottle 2 with 30 pills $39.99

now the problem...

if my customer only want to buy the bottle 2 with 30 pills for $39.99 when they add to their carts. Then It automatic calculate the price for the products $59.99 + $39.99 so it's wrong because they only want to buy the $39.99. So How do I fix this?

Please help...



#2 05-28-2001 14:02:47


Re: need help really bad....

I'm facing the same dilema.
For instance, I have a product that comes in 12 sizes and 5 colors-that's actually 60 different products and prices. I would like to have the option prices be the actual product price - not added to the product price. How about having the option that is checked(radio buttons) be the price that is displayed in the price field? This would be a new type of option.

Thanks for a great product.



#3 06-05-2001 07:57:11

From: York, PA
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Re: need help really bad....

Sell the 30 pill product and add in $20.00 for a 50 pill option.  Check out the CCP site and look at the installation product.  We charge a little extra for FTP installs and the option and product pricing are handled this way.

Nick Hendler



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