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#1 06-05-2001 12:17:42


options cart display

I need to alter how the added option is displayed in the cart display and have been at it for literally hours with no luck. I need to remove the options reference number completely from displaying so that the display appears as follows;

Product Name @ Price (I already removed the reference number)
Added Option (without the first reference field as our reference fields are generalized)

For example, a cart display currently looks like this:

CCD Dome Camera @ $227.95 ea.
Upgrade To A Full-Color Camera: Upgrade to a full-color camera - 40% Off

And we need it to appear as this:

CCD Dome Camera @ $227.95 ea.
Upgrade to a full-color camera - 40% Off

But will most likely do this:

CCD Dome Camera @ $227.95 ea.
Added: Upgrade to a full-color camera - 40% Off

As we cannot change all the reference numbers to "Added" and prefer to maintain the option layout as it appears on the product page I simply need to know where exactly I should make this change. I have tried for hours working on the script but cannot manage to locate the one tag that I need to remove in order to remove the Option's Reference field from being displayed.

I appreciate your help a great deal. We recently bought tech support from CCP and I would also like to commend your support. It was prompt, efficient and helpful. It was also extremely cost-effective. Thank you for that as well.


#2 06-12-2001 11:25:30

From: York, PA
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Re: options cart display

You've been in the right file. You should be editing the file named 'cgi-bin/library/modules/'. Go to the routine named 'site_store_display_cart_interperet_cart_info' and make the following hack towards the end of the routine:
######### Find the following

$option_display_final_line = "$option_display_final_line$option_display_name: $form_display_option_selection; ";

######### Replace the line above with

$option_display_final_line = "$option_display_final_line$form_display_option_selection; ";

Nick Hendler



#3 06-18-2001 10:57:31


Re: options cart display

Thank you very much. I appreciate the rapid help, you are all very professional.


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