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#1 06-04-2001 06:48:27


Dynamic Menu Problems

Having difficulty with dynamic menus in Admin area. They're not working, in either browser, and IE telss me this:

Line: 86
Character 33:
Error: Expected";"
Code: 0

When I change the line below in the header JavaScript, after saving the page as a static html document, they work. Any ideas?

Original: HM_GL_CreateTopOnly = HM_SL::? true : false;

Change to: HM_GL_CreateTopOnly  = HM_NS4 ? true : false;

Thanks in advance.


#2 06-05-2001 07:38:56

From: York, PA
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Re: Dynamic Menu Problems

If you got them working, great.  They work on all systems we tried and accoring to DHTML lab, they work on 90% of the browsers out there.  Curious how you're having an issue.  We'll test your fix and see if we see problems.  If not we may include it in the next release.  Thanks.

Nick Hendler



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