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#1 08-18-2009 10:43:36

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Changing how we handle VAT


When we set up our site we opted to build the pricing around "No EU Tax" and handle the VAT calculations elsewhere in our system so all the prices on the site are inclusive of VAT where appropriate and we make no distinctions on delivery or billing addresses - This has been working fine for as and still does.

However, we do get a number of requests for VAT invoices, so I have been looking at switching the site over to using pricing that "Includes EU tax"

In Home > ClickCartPro (GBU) > Settings: Application Settings Menu > EU Tax Settings

I have defined home countries and set "EU Tax: Manage EU Tax"

I have also set Charge Tax to "yes" in

Home > ClickCartPro (GBU) > Locations: States, Provinces and Countries > Manage Countries

What now seems to be happening is that regardless of the shipping destination at checkout the correct amount of  VAT gets refunded from the total.

Looks like the site thinks that the destination does not require tax to be charged, so I obviously need to set up something else but currently no idea of what else needs changing.

Any ideas on what I am missing?




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