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#1 05-15-2009 12:45:25

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Recording customer agreement to shipping conditions

My customer can only provide a shipping cost for one area at the time products are ordered. Outside that area the goods have to be weighed and then a shipping cost can be given. It is not possible to give each item a weight. The store is now moving from telephone/cheque ordering to online processing of credit cards so outside the primary area customers need to agree to an additional charge being added manually to their credit card once the shipping cost has been calculated.

I know that the custom order form information fields could be used for this purpose but I would like to get customers to agree to the shipping method at stage 2 of the checkout process when some of the shipping costs are known. The words and checkbox can be part of a custom shipping script but I don't know how to record their agreement and carry it forward so that it is printed on the invoice and gets put into the confirmation e-mail.




#2 05-15-2009 17:59:37

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Re: Recording customer agreement to shipping conditions

Nothing readily available out of the box, beyond what you already discussed.  Sounds like a bespoke mod - Stephen at is the only 5.1 provider left who could do it.

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