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#1 05-07-2009 20:33:15

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category image filenames

This doesn't make sense, but I can't for the life of me see a way around it.

The filename of the category image in /media/images/category much be the same as the filename of the image in /media/images/category_lg ??  I only see one image name field when managing a category in the admin.

For products there are 3 image directories, and 3 image name fields.  For categories there are 2 image directories but only 1 image name field.

Am I missing something?




#2 05-08-2009 06:54:35

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Re: category image filenames

If it's anything like the 'multiple product images' mod I've got, you upload the pics to both folders (making sure the images both have the same name) & the mod should look in both folders.

For example:

With the multi image mod, I have to put the images in the following folders:

/media/images/product_category/mypic1.gif (this is only for the category display, it doesn't effect or display the multi images)

Then repeat for mypic2.gif, mypic3.gif etc.

If I don't need multiple images, I don't put a copy in the 'product_multithumbs' folder.

There's no field on the product page in CCP51 Admin for the 'product_multithumbs' image, but, the multiple image mod looks for images with the same name as the 'product_detail' image field in the 'product_multithumbs' folder, & if it finds them (in the thumbnails & XL pics), it displays them (if there isn't one there, it just displays the product images as normal!).

Don't know if your category mod works similar to this in that it looks for the image in the 'category_lg' folder as well as the 'category' folder, & if it finds them, it displays them (& if it doesn't find an image of the same name in the 'category_lg' folder, it displays the category as normal)?

See, clear as mud to me!!!!!Ha ha!

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