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#1 03-21-2009 10:55:40

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Subcategories are not showing in 5.1

I am using CCP 5.1 and have inadvertently changed the data source from MYSQL to CSV. Now, although I have changed it back to MYSQL the subcategories within categories are not showing up, although products within categories do show. Some custom fields were added some time ago. Any help most appreciated.



#2 03-21-2009 11:37:00

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Re: Subcategories are not showing in 5.1

Well, I suppose the first step would be to check the category definitions and see if they are in fact properly related to their parent/child categories.  Then I suppose I'd have a look and see if your custom fields are still there - if they were added incorrectly, a change from MYSQL to CSV and back again could have removed them.

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