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#1 02-23-2009 18:19:04

From: California
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import to 6

It imports the media files, but not the products, product options or categories.

In the tables.csv file these are all still .csv
how do I change them to mysql?

Admin Settings
Alternate RDBMS
Shopping Cart
Table Configuration
Referential Integrity

If I switch them all to .csv and run the importer........could I switch them back to mysql with no problem?

I have the ATS seo mods and wish upgrading to 6 wasn't so painful....



#2 02-23-2009 18:51:13

From: Massachusetts, USA
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Re: import to 6

Import questions are probably best handled in the 6.0 forum and I am going to move this thread there.  In answer to your question about the table source of those files, the ones you mentioned cannot be changed to MySQL - they must remain in CSV mode.  In terms of your other question, changing to CSV prior to running the importer and switching back afterward should be ok unless any of your tables have gotten larger than the maximum CSV size.  In any case, I would definitely recommend a complete DB backup before starting, just to be sure.

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