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#1 03-21-2005 01:41:04

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Product Images Carring Value To Product Options

Hi ;-)

I'm creating a cosmetics website with 50 sub images of color swatch's. What i would like is for the customer to click on a color swatch and that swatch will automatically carry the value over to the drop down box for color options. Then they will not have to select from the drop down menu for the color swatch that they would like.

Any ideas? Has it been done with click cart pro?

Thank you smile 



#2 03-23-2005 09:23:47

From: York, PA
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Re: Product Images Carring Value To Product Options

Check the chat section of the forum for a link to a university apparel site that does something similar.  That user posted some JavaScript code that works well.

Nick Hendler



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