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#1 11-29-2004 17:38:35

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International Usps Settings

We are having challenges with the international shipping settings. The regular shipping settings works fine, but when anybody orders something from a different country it gives the 'default price for connection errors' amount. I have searched the forums to find an answer to this and haven't come up with anything that has worked.

I have double and triple checked all of the settings. I even contacted the hosting company to make sure the IO::Socket perl module was installed and running and sure enough it is.

Since the shipping works for all US customers, I know the connection to USPS is there so that can't be the problem.

Anybody have a clue to what I might be missing?


After making the above post several hours ago, I finally figured out that the password was put in wrong for the connection. It all works fine now.  Sorry for wasting the space in here.



#2 12-02-2004 11:53:02

From: York, PA
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Re: International Usps Settings

Glad you posted back - thank you.  I was baffled when you said US worked but Non-US didn't.  That's a simple enough explanation.

Nick Hendler



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