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#1 05-11-2004 10:03:37

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Category Listing ' And ' Product Listing.

Since I have been able to create a product list in this winter, I think it would be great to have a category listing ' and ' product listing under the admin section (or both actually and it could be chooseable) with a single selection list.

4 choices, like :

Choose your listing type :

- Category List.
- Product List.
- Both.
- None.

Also, it'd be great to have a particular feature which we couls add our external URL in a textbox-reg under the admin section so it could add itself automaticly inside our layouts (which means, technicly ; like the category listing and banner functions - called from file). That would be a wonderful feature to have.

Then, all we'd need to do is to place the :

(CGIGET TYPE="SUB" VALUE="ste_exec_urlext") (for example) inside our layout and all URLs could be placed without having to worry about our TABLE alignment anymore. That would be more than fare enough for newbies I might add. smile



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