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#1 03-04-2004 16:35:39

From: Glendale, AZ USA
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Verisign Pay Flo Link Use

I have a client that has successfully used Verisign Pay Flo Link as their credit card processors, but not without problems within CCP5.0 and now CCP5.1(Tiki).

First if used "out of the box" the Transaction ID assigned by Verisign appears only on the Verisign form and does not appear anywhere within CCP. Worse the CCP Transaction ID does not appear anywhere on the Verisign form so there is absolutely no cross reference. Makes finding coorelating transactions when investigating problems and/or answering questions more than a challenge. A hack in CCP5.0 added the CCP Transaction ID to the Verisign form in the Comment1 field and also added a column to the CCP transaction listing for "Verisign ID100" where the corresponding identification was listed which was repeated in the last position on the expended form itself. This was a satisfactory and needed change which was lost in upgrading to CCP5.1(Tiki)! It or a similar addition has got to be a part of the next release.

A BETTER (my opinion) answer would be to import the Verisign Transaction ID and substitute it where-ever used for the CCP Transaction ID. This would eliminate the redundant transaction identification and potential confusion. It would mean ordering and sorting transactions chronologically (epouch seconds?) in all the listings.

Are there any other processors that assign their own unique identification to the transactions they process?



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