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#1 02-25-2004 13:31:12

Registered: 02-09-2004
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Suggested Enhancements To Order Processing

I only read one request for this, I second the request for a customizable Invoice page.

I'd also like to see a printable packing list page (like the invoice) which would display only the Customer Name, Address and quantity of items purchased (no order totals).  I don't know about anyone else, but I use the invoice folded up to display the address only and inserted into a plastic sleeve stuck to the package (like a fedex label).  The printing is too small right now to keep using as is, but it's passable.

Lastly, (and leastly) add a column to the order list page that has at least the customer's last name.

Overall, I think this product is far superior to the PHP shopping carts I've seen so far (especially the open source ones).  I am a PHP programmer and you convinced me.  Looking forward to the update.



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