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#1 02-16-2004 13:55:27

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Architecture Thought

I've started a small hosting business.  OK, right now real small. Hosting my site, and a few clients.  Currently the only CCP site is mine. 

I would be real interested in a version that could have a core set of files installed for server wide use, with individual store's per domain. 

My thoughts on this would be a more server friendly version.  If certain parts of the core were central they could be cached perhaps, and perhaps have 1 instnace of the core running. 

I dont' know if this is technially something that can be done but it was a thought.  The thought came from wanting to specialize in hosting CCP sites.  I don't want to kill the server with to many sites on the same server.  I now Zuma is going to be more server friendly, but I was just thinking how friendly can  we get. 




#2 02-18-2004 12:48:48

m j
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Re: Architecture Thought

If Zuma was coded with most of the code contained in standard Perl Modules or .pm files and adheares to common module practices then the core code should be able to be located in a central location. This would require making sure things are split up for backend processes vs front end processes, so that there is a seperation between core code, and site specific code, and a way of referencing each independently.

I'm not sure how much work Nick is planning on modifying the structure, and if he wants to go through all the modulization of the code and seperation, but as long as it doesn't make things too complex it would be benefitial for large scale operations.

If Nick is going to pursue mod_perl support he might want to look into modulizing the code anyway, because that's where mod_perl really picks up because it caches all the modules, then you'd be able to see a great performance increase when using mod_perl.

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