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#1 02-13-2004 13:46:22

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Update Online Order Page

Make Updating the shipped Item status faster.

Instead of going to each item to update the status can you have the update on the same page as the Update Online Order Page. I don't have a lot of time to go thru and update that each item has shipped. I have so little time enough to change the Pending Shipment to Completed let alone going through all the items were shipped or not. And as I write this I should be working on filling orders. But I would really like this suggestion used.

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#2 02-19-2004 00:02:09

m j
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Re: Update Online Order Page

I noticed that myself that it seemed somewhat odd having the shipping details on each item. I would have figured it would be order specific not item specific.

In my case I'm integrating it with some other software, so my updates are going to be scripted, but it would add a lot extra work if someone ordered 20 items, and you had to go into each item to fill out that they were all shipped together.

I understand why its done that way, but maybe there is a better way to do it, because I would think most orders are going to have grouped items shipped together, so say 15 items were shipped in one box and the other 5 were shipped in another, and they had seperate tracking numbers.

I would think it would be better to have something at the order level where you could say x, x, x, items were shipped and here is the tracking information for that shipment, and then later you could add the shipping info for the rest of the items when they ship.

That way you would have the support for seperating items and having some items shipped and not others, but it would be TONS less work if you had several items in the order that were shipped seperately.

You might also have something to distinguish the quantity of each item that was shipped. So say if you shipped 5 of the product when they ordered 10 of the same item it would be able to handle such a situation.

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