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#1 01-09-2004 17:06:04

From: Manchester, United Kingdom
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Never Fix What Isnt Broke.

Hi Everyone,

CCP5.1 (Tiki) does everything, I think you need to run a profitable online store, with a few html tags in the product descriptions and cascading style sheets, you can sell just about everything. The next goodie of tiki is that it has support for just about every payment processor out there. FANTASTIC. This means no handcoding stuff, I for one I just dont understand it all.

I get paid to sell products on our company website (I am one of 3 owners), time is precious, money needs to be made. So things have to work. CCP5.1 WORKS

We started looking to purchase an online shopping script in Feb 2003, it took nearly 50 scripts before we found one we liked.

The one that we liked is CCP5.1 tiki. It does run slower for some reason in MYSQL mode compared to CSV on our server, but our server company said it is because of all the HTML coding we stiock in it to sell the products.

But non the less, "IF ITS NOT BROKE - DONT FIX IT" perl works for us, and we like it.

Macromedia Flash 4 was better than  5 or 6 in my opinion, because you can do what you wanted to easily.

Macromedia 3 is far better at somethings than 4 or MX. Some people prefer windows 98 to windows xp.

My only dred is we get a new version of CCP and I cant use it because of server or other reason, please keep support for 5.1 at least for the next say...... 50 years.

Visit  for the lazy people in the world, that want everything at a click of a button. Just like me !



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