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#1 08-10-2002 23:24:28


Question about captured cc data

Alright, I successfully processed an order. The info is verified on my account. BUT when I go into the admin console for ccp5 and look at "manage online orders" I dont see my cc info. I see:

Card Type
Not Applicable   

Card Number
Not Applicable   

Card CVV2/CVC2 Code
Not Applicable   

Card Expiration Date
Not Applicable 

Card Issue Date
Not Applicable   

Card Start Date
Not Applicable   

Card Issue Number
Not Applicable   

So... ccp5 did not retain any of that info. I guess it is not a big deal because my client should be able to get that info from just wondering if this is an error with ccp5 or is there an option setting for this or if this info just isnt collected?  Anyone?


#2 08-11-2002 07:11:06

From: York, PA
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Re: Question about captured cc data

That info is only retained for offline orders.  Authnet will have the cc info.  It does represent a security concern to store it, that's why it's only done for offline.

Nick Hendler



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