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#1 07-03-2003 02:08:17


high server loads

I have been told by my host company that my  CCP4 CGI scripts are causing problems due to high server load

i have 600+ plus products in database  - total db size is over 400k
Note: i have purchased CCP5 but have not completed the install
will using  CCP5 in mysql mode resolve the issue?


#2 07-05-2003 00:11:44


Re: high server loads

here is additional info from my host

Here is the entry from the process list of our web server
that shows how the script is taking up a large amount of
the resources on it.

68.0 46.7 28212 00:20:48 techno perl /home/sites/site195/web/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi

The entry above shows that the script was using up 68%
of the CPU time, 46.7% of the web servers memory, and
had been running for 20 minutes and 48 seconds.
There is something wrong with the script that is causing
it to use up all of the available resources and not stop

This causes our server to reboot so that it does not
completely run out of resources. Since we have a few
hundred sites hosted on this server, we can not have
one site that affects the performance all of the other
sites on the server.

This problem has already occurred 3-4 times in the
past and and we have warned you each time that the
script needs to be fixed. Since it has happened again,
we have no choice but to either remove the script or
remove the site from our server.


#3 07-08-2003 21:20:21

From: York, PA
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Re: high server loads

Version 5 should cure this problem as it uses different means to access the data.  Using MySQL with version 5 will greatly help as well.  As far as running for 20 minutes - you had a process that did not die - only an infinite loop in the program (which there were none when I coded it) could do that.


Nick Hendler
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Nick Hendler



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