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#1 03-31-2003 16:05:42


CCP 4.0 will not laod at all or my website !!

Hi, I am having some serious problems right now. My website will not laod an either will my CCP 4.0 browser. Both are coming up as "The page cannot be displayed". I can access all other websites but my own. Any idea what is happening. I have had problems with CCP 4.0 since day 1. They have erased all of my images and info many times and has encountered many bugs without my doing. How can I upgrade to 5.0 and can this be downloaded on top of 4.0 without erasing all of my saved info. Do you provide help If I upgrade the product and will install for me. Thanks and look forward to your answers>


#2 04-03-2003 08:48:47

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Re: CCP 4.0 will not laod at all or my website !!

Version 5 will install side by side with 4, not over top of it.  I would always recommend the upgrade, but before doing so, I think you need to speak with your host about your site being offline.  I suspect that you couldn't load any HTML either - correct?


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