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#1 02-12-2003 01:28:00


More problems now with Displ online order!

When I went into CCP 4 at 1:27 AM to check on my completed and non-completed orders it was all erased except one order and all it shows is the order # and everything else is blank. What's going on here? I did not delete anything nor did i touch anything. Now all my orders are not shwoing up! Please fix this problem. I need to send out my orders in the morning. Thanks


#2 02-13-2003 09:26:14

From: York, PA
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Re: More problems now with Displ online order!

Version 5 stores orders differently than 4 - maybe you should upgrade.  The only way that your orders got deleted like that would be if someone logged in via FTP and deleted the order files from the ./data/tracking directory.

Nick Hendler
Webmaster, Kryptronic, Inc.

Nick Hendler



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