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#1 02-09-2003 18:14:25


PayPal Problems & Question about ViaKlix

Recently, our shopping cart stopped working to where once you hit the button to purchase and go to PayPal, it says that you have requested an outdated version of PayPal. It appears that maybe PayPal has upgraded beyond the parameters of my version of ClickCartPro? And how do I find out what version it is? Cannot figure out what needs to be changed by the online manual. Also, how do I integrate with ViaKlix? When it is not listed in my software? Please reply.


#2 02-10-2003 12:54:59

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Re: PayPal Problems & Question about ViaKlix

I haven't heard of any issues with PayPal on version 5, and ViaKlix is integrated into that version, not 4.  Maybe your best course of action is to upgrade.


Nick Hendler
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Nick Hendler



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