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#1 02-08-2003 18:49:35

Registered: 03-05-2002
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Transfer files from win2k to linux box

I'm migrating ccp4 to a linux box running apache.  When I ftp in through command prompt from win2k to the linux box and put the folder (that contains ccp4), I get an error from the ftp server on the linux box stating permission denied.  I get "Permission denied" after several files and folders get transfered, but not the entire ccp4.  I made sure that I had permission to dump files/folder to the linux box, but the problem still persist.  Is there any solution for this problem.    Thanks



#2 02-10-2003 12:46:44

From: York, PA
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Re: Transfer files from win2k to linux box

Sounds like a disk space issue on the Linux box.  Make sure you have a large enough disk quota to handle all the files.


Nick Hendler
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Nick Hendler



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