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#1 01-07-2003 19:12:20


Where's the 'Cookies'

Hey Nick,
Are the cookies here at the website disabled?
I'm not being updated at all. Everytime I look all are in yellow. Makes it a little tougher to sift through.
Just wondering.


#2 01-12-2003 14:25:24

From: York, PA
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Re: Where's the 'Cookies'

Something happened to the forum on 12/31 that made it necessary to change how cookies were handled on the forum.  For a few days until I implemented a fix, logins weren't taking.  Because this forum isn't my program, I'm sure I broke the new message notification while trying to fix the other item.


Nick Hendler
Webmaster, Kryptronic, Inc.

Nick Hendler



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