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#1 10-09-2002 03:38:24


Product Options

Hi there,

We have a product that is available in three sizes with three different prices. We want to display the product with the medium price, say 50.00 and then have a product option for the small and large sizes, 40.00 and 60.00.
However, as the small size is only 40.00 the product option won't accept a minus figure (-10.00)
Is there any way around this other than displaying the small size as the product price?


#2 10-09-2002 13:46:47


Re: Product Options

You may want to upgrade to version 5 which should be no problem to do this. In version 4 to associate a different price to a different size you'll have to add a product for each size. The script could be written to do what you want, but the cheaper option is to upgrade.


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