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#1 09-23-2002 15:05:49

Registered: 08-15-2002
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product upload

Is there any way you can email me a spread sheet that's already formatted?.....That way I can just add the products...I'm running the 4.0 version of excel and it doesn't allow me to convert into pipe delimited files.



#2 09-23-2002 15:55:51


Re: product upload

What you can do instead is to use find replace and have it find the pipes and replace them with commas. Then open it in excel.
I haven't done this, but it should work.


#3 09-23-2002 16:14:25


Re: product upload

On second thought you may want to use the semi colon. I know the program uses colons for placing and you may have some comma's in your descriptions. Whatever you use to replace the pipes you'll want to be sure you know where these characters are in the file for conversion back into pipe delimited after you add your products.


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