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#1 08-05-2002 13:28:33


Paid tech support - When???

I'm really not crazy about leaving my passwords and access info hanging out indefinitely.  How long does it take before tech support responds to a request?

The files have been reuploaded three (3) or four (4) times now and the permissions have been manually checked several times. 

I gave up and figured that I would go ahead and pay for some tech support.  I have installed enough equipment over the years to know that soemtimes it just needs to be tweaked by somebody who knows the stuff. 

A person here posting under the title of webmaster said to e-mail the ftp info to Kryptonics, and he would look at it and of course charge me if it turns out to be that the permissions aren't set.  I did that. 

Just to be fair since I like to be paid for my time I went ahead and purchased some tech support time via the web purchase interface, and then sent an official request for support detailing the problem.  So far... no response of any kind. 

Is it unsolvable?  Do you not care?  I would atleast like some acknowledgement for my money since I don't have a working cart.


#2 08-05-2002 14:19:51


Re: Paid tech support - When???


Usually it's within about 1 business day, but it looks as if (from looking at the tech support page) they're not providing paid support now until after CCP 5 is released.


#3 08-05-2002 15:30:32


Re: Paid tech support - When???

I know this cart pretty good. If you want to call I can probably walk you through the problem. This would keep you from giving out your information to a stranger. If you would like to do this you can email me and I'll send my telephone number and a good time to call. Early this evening EST


#4 08-05-2002 17:45:48


Re: Paid tech support - When???

>I know this cart pretty good.
>If you want to call
>I can probably walk you
>through the problem. This would
>keep you from giving out
>your information to a stranger.
>If you would like to
>do this you can email
>me and I'll send my
>telephone number and a good
>time to call. Early this
>evening EST

The only thing on my site right now besides some generic public data files is the ClickCart.  I figure I'll change all my passwords this evening.  I'm still not crazy about somebody else having my FTP info and password.

Greg, Thanks.  I have another cart I am demoing right now with a nice off site database.  If I don't hear from them soon I'll just ask for my money back and look elsewhere.  The webmaster who posted here was replying to my posts within an hour or so on sunday. 

I actually have an idea what part of the problem is.  Although that isn't the only problem. Half the mail utilities don't work either.  I guess the list stuff could be related, but the direct sendmail from admin mode should work since send mail works from the contact us form, and it doesn't. I have a whole list of things that don't work right.  I will try my own fix this evening and if it doesn't work then I'll scrag the cart and go elsewhere.

I'm going to move the directories all into a cgi-bin/cp directory and setup as close as possible to their working model.  Then I will carefully copy each set of files and CHMOD them.  I'm thnking some of the directory stuff may be have been hard coded into their application with relative links.  Then I noticed my FTP skips files that are "newer" on the server when uploading whole directories so I may have a few script or html files that were uploaded with binary that never got re-uploaded with ascii.  Thats the only thing I can think of thats left.  I went through every single file at the server with my site manager and checked the permissions.  I wasted nearly 16 hours yesterday playing with that installation. 

I have setup a few scripts in the past and never had that much trouble.  I have one auction script and a couple dynamic calendars I have setup on other sites and all the e-mail etc worked first try. 

The other cart I am reviewing is a little more expensive, but I talked with the developer late last night and he will go through and make everything work as part of the upfront price, so it might be a better deal in the long run.  His cart doesn't offer Paypal processing, but offline processing (which I would prefer because of rates) is the default.

If it doesn't work any better I may take you up on your offer for assistance. 

Thanks Again,
Bob La Londe


#5 08-05-2002 22:12:48


Re: Paid tech support - When???

I got the cart working for either paypal or offline processing.  I switched it back and forth a couple time.

The only problem is that the form mail still doesn't work.  In fact none of it works now, so I can't use the offline processing. 

Paypal isn't horrible except for the payment limits.


#6 08-05-2002 23:33:46


Re: Paid tech support - When???


Just curious why you are kicking the tires of CCCP 4.0 when CCCP 5.0 is likely to be out within the week. The program is incredible, far more flexible and functional then the current version.

Apparently, the upgrade will cost less than $30.

Customization and upgrades appear to be much easier as well. From what I have heard, v5 could be out as early as Tuesday (but I wouldn't count on it).

Oh well, that is my two sense worth. Version 4.0 was and still is one of the best cart programs out there, but without database connectability and decent order tracking capability, I choose Cart32 instead.

However, all that and more will change with the release of version 5.0.

Either way, there is not a more customer friendly cart program out there than ClickCartPro.


#7 08-09-2002 15:42:59

From: York, PA
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Re: Paid tech support - When???

Paid tech support is back in full swing as CCP5 has been released.  We're sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone.

Nick Hendler



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