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#1 08-03-2002 14:24:38

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CCP5 Release Information

This update pertains to the pending CCP5 release.  It is intended for all of the users in the community out there that are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the new version of the software.  The release will be ready for download at some point within the next 24 hours (it is 4:00 PM ET here).

To address the concerns of the users on this forum:

(1) The upgrade price will be $29.99, not the original $39.99 previously mentioned.

(2) We understand that projects are on hold waiting for the release and can only assure you that we are making every attempt to ensure the software is fully tested and free of bugs upon release.  We will not release untested (buggy) software to our users, no matter how many requests for alphas and betas we get.  Currently there are no known bugs in the package, and it has been fully tested (every line of code and possible data scenario checked in a production environment) on all our available servers.  We did not have a 4.01 release, and there should not a need for a CCP5 update - that's the kind of code we write.

(3) Believe me, this is the last time we post dates on a release.  We never posted dates before, but due to pressure on the forum (when June/July 2002 was not specific enough for users) we estimated the release date.  We did under-estimate the date by 43 days (and counting).  I'll admit to the blame for that - I didn't realize we would have 12 pages of user requested features to slam in as well as architecture changes that I planned.

(4) All of the functionality in the demo, plus more, is available in the current version about to be released.  For those of you with worries about USPS integration - it's in there and incredibly sick.  I had to write a Perl module (Business::USPS) to get it done right, but it's working like a charm.



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Nick Hendler



#2 08-03-2002 14:38:00


Re: CCP5 Release Information

Thank you very much!  We all appreciate the hard work that you are continuing to do for us.  I'm looking forward to the new release, and am very thankful that you have stopped to put in some of the items that we have been requesting.  In the end it will be worth the wait!


#3 08-03-2002 14:46:28


Re: CCP5 Release Information

Thank you
I understand you very well, thanks for the update

All the best


#4 08-03-2002 15:05:38


Re: CCP5 Release Information


I want to pay $50.00 or more for the new 5.0,
please remember it seems to be not the upgrade
but NEW generation/rewrite of previous CCP
I will sleep better if I could pay you $99 for it
anyway, I feel you should increase the price
to something like $499, I am not kidding,
I know the code of CCP4 because I ordered and
have it working and I remember that feeling
when I saw the price - $99 - " they gives it
away for free!" yes guys, $99 is FREE for such
a great piece of software!



#5 08-03-2002 14:59:29


Re: CCP5 Release Information

That's fair enough. Until tomorrow then.
Many thanks.


#6 08-03-2002 15:05:16


Re: CCP5 Release Information

I love your comment about UPS, "it's in there and incredibly sick". smile


#7 08-03-2002 15:28:07


Re: CCP5 Release Information

Thanks, Webmaster.  You've addressed the concerns very well in your latest post.  I look forward to the release tomorrow.


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