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#1 07-30-2002 23:11:00


Meta Descriptions

Where is the script that controls the meta descriptions that are generated on the HTML pages?


#2 07-30-2002 23:31:41


Re: Meta Descriptions

And while I'm at it, does any one know what script will take out the Other Catagories drop down that appears at the bottom of every page?

I've installed 3.6 in place of 4. The customer was insistant upon having people be able to log in. So, I'm trying to hack my way through it since the post for 3.6 stopped a long time ago. I tried talking them into 4 but no luck. 5 looks fantastic!!



#3 07-31-2002 06:27:27

From: York, PA
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Re: Meta Descriptions

FOR 3.6:

The meta tags were printed in:

and the category drop down box was in:

(just look for a gif with the wording 'other_cat' in it.

Nick Hendler



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