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#1 07-30-2002 17:48:53


bottom address alignment

I need to be able to align the bottom address that this damn program asks you for in the admin section. The address at the bottom of the page, I need to align it left . How do I find this file and it's not data/html/elements_footer.db file  I am going to need to throw a table around it if possible.
Thanks Jon


#2 07-30-2002 19:12:30


Re: bottom address alignment

look in the file named to customize the look to fix your damn site


#3 07-30-2002 19:14:19

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Re: bottom address alignment

This was answered as well in the post titled 'Banner alignment'.  The file you're looking for it:


Also look at:


As that's where the cell (<TD>) that houses the entire site it opened up.

Nick Hendler



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