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#1 06-13-2002 12:30:21



I want to be able to email people a discount code for all of our products. I don't want to have to generate 3,500 separate discount codes. Can I use the non-expiring discount for this? Where say 500 people can enter in the same discount code?

What other options do I have? I would love to be able to not only email, but give customers at our main store a card with a discount code for online ordering, and having to put a different number on each card would be next to impossible or feasable.


#2 06-13-2002 14:34:16


Re: Discounts

the non expiring code will do that for you


#3 07-30-2002 14:17:46


Re: Discounts

On the page where it asks for the discount code, there is the following wording:

"If you have a discount number for a discount, coupon, store credit, or gift certificate, please enter the number in the box below to redeem the discount."

Where/How can I change that wording? 


#4 07-30-2002 15:33:02

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Re: Discounts

That's in:


Just do a search on the text and change it.

Nick Hendler



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