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#1 05-14-2024 00:53:07

From: Surrey, UK
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Popup or a Notice Offering New Subscribers 15% Off Their 1st Order

Has anyone done this for new customers to the website?

If so can anyone help on how to achieve this.


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#2 05-21-2024 08:34:09

From: York, PA
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Re: Popup or a Notice Offering New Subscribers 15% Off Their 1st Order

This can be done with a combination of firing a popup modal for newsletter signup.  To add the signup modal to your homepage:

(1) Use Website / Content / Webpages to edit your splash page.  In the HTML Content for the page, add this to the bottom:


<?php $this->include_namespace('core','emaillistpop'); ?>

That will launch a signup popup and set a cookie to ensure the popup is only seen once.

(2) You'll need to create a discount code for your promotion.  Do that using Store / Commerce / Discount Codes. 

(3) Finally, you'll need to adjust the signup confirmation so that it references your discount code.  To do that, since you are running 9.3+, you can use a custom override for the confirmation include.  Follow these steps:

- Create a new custom override directory using the location {private}/custom/apps/ecom/ECOM/includes, if that directory doesn't already exist. 

- Copy the file {private}/apps/ecom/ECOM/includes/emaillistconfirm.php into that new custom override directory.

- Edit the file {private}/custom/apps/ecom/ECOM/includes/emaillistconfirm.php so that the confirmation includes information about your discount code you created in step (2).

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