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3P Utility

NOTE: This post was created on 2023-02-29 on the Kryptronic eCommerce Community facebook page, which has been replaced with this forum.  All facebook support content was migrated into this forum in April 2024.


Can a lightweight utility be built in or 3P integrated in the shipping screen to scan barcodes that will check against the order items and count down each time scanned until the proper number of an item is scanned? This is something we had in a previous software that was used for shipping and receiving items that had a barcode. This would be helpful for accuracy in shipping and receiving. This was also helpful in using for looking up an item by scanning its barcode. 😊


We are currently working on a utility to handle this for receiving inventory on Purchase Orders. That is the scanning-in portion, and we plan to handle the scanning-out portion (checking shipments with barcodes) after that. This is a 2024 project. How are you shipping currently? Using Batch Shipping Manager? If so, what are you connecting to it? WorldShip? FedEx Ship Manager?


We are connecting to UPS Worldship and also exporting into a route delivery software using create a batch and importing via spreadsheet into the ultility.



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