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#1 04-30-2024 11:39:57

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Error Sending Emails and Recieving Email Order Confirmations

NOTE: This post was created on 2024-01-30 on the Kryptronic eCommerce Community facebook page, which has been replaced with this forum.  All facebook support content was migrated into this forum in April 2024.


Hi Nick,
Can you look at this issue that has just started with emails through site.
Problem 1 is contact messages will only send if I enter the site email address as the Email Address in the form. If I enter any other email address, the message fails to sent with following error:
"There was an error encountered when trying to send your email message. Perhaps an invalid email address was entered. Please try again."
If I change the Default Message Sender(From) to the site email address from {SESSION:email}, the contact messages do get sent.
Problem 2 is I have stopped receiving all order confirmation emails, and I cannot resend them via admin panel. It appears my customers are getting their version of the emails and I can resend emails to customers via admin panel.
Changing {SESSION:email} doesn't seem to affect anything for any of the Mail Messages.
No files have been changed and there aren't any new files on the server.
Any tips where to start looking.



It could be an anti-spam feature introduced by your outgoing mail server.

Look up "email relaying" which spammers use to send messages through someone else's server and see if your hosts are blocking it.


Looks like it is a new security feature.

Rob: … with-a.../


I have found the override email option in the setting which seems to resolve this problem. However it doesn't set the correct reply to email address for any internal emails received. Therefore I have changed a few lines of code in the make_email_fromdb and send_email functions in CORE_Mail.php so a Reply_To value is added using the customer email address. When I reply to any order confirmation emails, the correct reply to address is used. I have done a similar mod so any contact messages replied to are sent to the customer email.


Thanks for posting this, Rob. I'll make sure that reply-to mod is added to the mail class in the pending update (9.4). We're seeing more and more issues lately with using the customer's email as the sender email, and implemented the override you found for sites experiencing issues (mainly those with remotely hosted mail servers), but hadn't considered using the reply-to header to properly direct the replies.



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